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War Thunder has both a DX9 and a DX11 renderer. These options are in the launcher. DX11 has a few extra graphics features which will make the game look a little nicer. However, if you want to use Durante's downsampling tool GeDoSaTo, you'll need to stick with DX9.
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The PC gaming market is thriving. Hundreds of games are released every month. Some are from established studios, who have been working on PC games non-stop for years or even decades, but this is now the exception. Indie developers are changing the face of Steam. Developers who once made games exclusively for consoles are porting them to the PC for the first time and some of those games, like Dark Souls, are finding bigger, even more passionate communities than they had before.
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Later this year, original Evil Dead trio - director Sam Raimi, producer Bob Tapert and star Bruce Campbell - will reunite for a TV sequel series entitled Ash Vs. Evil Dead. Set to debut on the Starz network, the half-hour comedy will pick up with the titular anithero thirty years after his final battle with the Deadites.
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How to build a gaming PC

A few years ago, we invited PC Gamer's tech guru Adam Oxford into a giant changing room to film a short piece about building a new PC. The resulting video has never been seen, but we've finally managed to cut enough of the improbably scary stuff out to get it past YouTube's content filters.

Yes, it is a bit old, but a lot of the points still remain - physically, the act of building a gaming PC hasn't changed at all in the last few years. Not wanting to blow our own trumpets but, parp, this is a great guide to getting started with a self-build, covering everything from how to install a CPU to your very first boot up.

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SLI overclocking guide

Have you read our guide to overclocking your graphics card? You should! Overclocking a graphics card today is simpler and safer than ever, and with a bit of tuning you can extend the life of an aging graphics card or get even better performance out of a new one. But what if you don't have just one graphics card? What if you have two, or three, or even four running in SLI? How does that affect the overclocking process?

To answer that question, we had Nvidia distinguished engineer Tom Petersen sit down with us at the LPC, which is outfitted with four GTX Titans. In the video above, Petersen walks us through his overclocking process using EVGA PrecisionX 16 and gives us some tips on multi-GPU overclocking.

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